Turning 100

“Realtor” or “REALTOR,” that is the question. Give up? The correct answer is: “REALTOR.” Many people do not realize that this word or rather term is actually a trademark and is getting ready to celebrate its 100th “birthday”! This term was adopted by the National Association of REALTORS back in 1916 as a way to identify “a revolutionary group of individuals deeply committed to integrity, community and protecting the American dream of property ownership” (REALTORMAG.REALTOR.org).

RE/MAX Advantage Realty is not quite that old, yet, but has been in existence since 1993. It was the “dream child” of a group of professional real estate women and “the rest, as they say, is history” (see “Our History”). Another interesting piece of trivia is that RE/MAX Advantage Realty’s corporate name is, in fact, Professional Real Estate Women Inc. Sure, it was a group of women who had the vision originally, but in the years to come they welcomed aboard men who shared in their vision, enormously contributing to the firm’s consistent success.

The definition of REALTOR, as quoted above, goes hand in hand with the RE/MAX philosophy—deeply committed to integrity, deeply committed to community. Buying and selling real estate is not something one should do alone. Let the professionals guide you along the way. Make that call, email or text today. Remember, there is always a RE/MAX agent there, when you need one. RE/MAX agents are the “Hometown Experts,” so if you have not already, get to know yours today!

Our History