Selling Your Property – Common Mistakes

Okay, you have done your homework. You finally decided the time was right to sell your property. You spruced it up and pared down those distracting “smalls” or collectibles that only mean something to you.  You interviewed several real estate agents and hired the one you believe will best represent you–your local RE/MAX agent, your “Hometown Expert.”


Game on.

At all costs, though, try to avoid some common mistakes.

Do not ignore your agent’s insights and advice. Remember, you hired your agent for a reason—you needed a licensed real estate professional.

Do not overprice right out of the proverbial gate. Do not ignore “comps,” meaning properties recently sold in your area and price range.

Do not get creative with your asking price. Best to stick with a rounded figure, so it is easier to remember and much easier to find in a computer search.

And, if at all possible, never, ever refuse to be open to negotiation. Again, you hired a real estate professional to represent you, so allow that professional to negotiate the best deal possible for you.

Bottom line, it is your property and you can always walk away from the table, but at least you will have tried to work out a palatable deal for all involved. It never hurts to try.  In the end, you might be surprised.

Then, it is game on–to the next phase of your life and, remember, there is always a RE/MAX agent there to guide you!