For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

You are looking to buy, but have not been able to find just the right home. You have been driving by a house for years that you often thought you would like to buy, if it ever went on the market.

Finally, you see it–a for sale sign.

As fast as your heart skips a beat, your hopes are dashed, when you realize the for sale sign is not one of a local real estate company, but rather a FSBO. You do mental gymnastics, trying to decide whether or not to call the number on the sign for a showing appointment. Why not, you decide, because you probably would not like the inside as much as you had always thought you would. What do you have to lose at this point?

Well, guess what? You love the inside even more than you could have imagined, even more than the outside!

Now what?

You have been working with a real estate agent for months, one whom you trust, one who is knowledgeable, one whom you want by your side through a sale. You simply cannot fathom going it alone, so you call your agent.

Here is what you should expect your agent will do, a RE/MAX agent, that is!

“Transparency” is a must, according to The first thing your agent should do is call the sellers to see whether or not they are willing to work with REALTORS. Usually, FSBO sellers are looking to cut costs on the listing side and so will protect the buyers’ agent, meaning the payment of a commission. One should never assume. Always ask. In other words, will your agent’s commission be added to the sales price or coming out of the sales price? All parties involved need to know up front. Expect to sign an agreement between you and your agent regarding the commission payment, because doing so serves to protect all parties involved. Then, sit back, relax and watch your RE/MAX agent at work!