Praises for the Tryon International Equestrian Center

Last weekend, with its Tryon Fall Series nearing the end, the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), Tryon NC, shined with the highest number of “FEI horses presented at an international competition hosted there this year” (TIEC News).

One of the competitors, Andres Rodriguez, only had praises for this new facility, stating that he “was very impressed” by it and thinks it “has a great future for the sport of show jumping” (TIEC News). He also said that he had heard great things prior to arriving. According to Rodriguez, “Everything here, the lifestyle around the grand prix arena, people staying in cabins, five or six different options for restaurants and everything, I just think the future for Tryon is great and I’m looking to coming more often” (TIEC News).

Another competitor last weekend, Heather Caristo-Williams, had this to say: “When I walked the course before the class I thought it looked great. There were a lot of turn backs and I was pleased, because my mare just handled them beautifully. It was a fantastic track” (TIEC News). Caristo-Williams continued praising the facility by saying that the “show grounds are beautiful” and that “everything is just so well thought out” (TIEC News).

Sounds as though these two competitors will certainly return to compete there another day.