Well, the time has come to sell your home. You are moving on to the next phase of your life. Sometimes change can be welcome, sometimes not. Sometimes change is bittersweet. Perhaps you adore your home and cannot stand the thought of leaving it. Perhaps as you leave your home, you are filled with excitement at the new opportunities waiting on the other end. In any event, the time has come and so you are faced with the daunting task of selling, packing and heading out. Before moving on, though, be sure to gather some tangible memories to take with you. You will be glad you did.

Be creative.

For example, you could, if it is okay with the buyer, take one of your favorite shrubs, plants or maybe take a snippet of one with you. If you have a favorite room or garden spot, you might take a picture of you and your family members there, frame it and hang it in your new home. If one picture is not enough, use your smart phone to make a mini documentary, going from room to room, sharing thoughts about those rooms and why they are special to you (

Again, be creative.

Take a bit of time in all of the hubbub so that when things settle down again—and they will—you can relax and enjoy old memories. Before you get there, though, there is a lot to do, but always remember there is a RE/MAX agent nearby to guide you—buying, selling or both. RE/MAX is worldwide, so if Tryon NC is the place for you, RE/MAX is there. If Mongolia is the place, RE/MAX is there too. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a place where RE/MAX is not.

The only constant in this life “they” say is change, but RE/MAX is constant too–constantly out producing its nearest local competitors. So, if you need a professional, you should contact a local RE/MAX agent today and let one guide you, no matter where you are headed or why you are headed there.