Go with a RE/MAX Agent – Here’s Why

“Picture it: the U.S. housing market, 2021. Housing supply is low and demand is off the charts. Smart decisions and quick action might be the only things setting apart one homebuyer from another. With many listings being snapped up the day they go on sale, or within just a few days, the value an experienced, trusted real estate professional brings to the table for both homebuyers and sellers has never been more apparent. On either side of the transaction, professional and skilled real estate agents can offer expert counsel on negotiation, navigating multiple offers and finding a home that best fits your needs.

But here’s the thing. As of this writing, there are more real estate agents than available listings in the U.S. So, who does the consumer hire when embarking on the homebuying or selling process – and, more importantly, why? Something to consider when deciding: experience.

Three major 2021 U.S. industry rankings – The REAL Trends 500, RISMedia Power Broker Top 1,000 and the T3 Sixty Mega 1,000– show that RE/MAX agents, on average, outsell the competition 2 to 1, based on 2020 transaction sides. The quality and experience of RE/MAX agents prevailed in a challenging year, delivering results to homebuyers and sellers in an unusual time.

The bottom line is selling real estate is a full-time job for RE/MAX agents. Supported by a brand built on nearly 50 years of experience, RE/MAX agents are able to devote their time and energy to serving consumers. In turn, consumers receive the benefits of an experienced, dedicated professional.

In fact, RE/MAX brokerages in the U.S. closed nearly $300 billion in sales volume last year. You could say, this isn’t RE/MAX agents’ first rodeo.

Bottom line is this: RE/MAX agents, as a whole, are proven to be productive. So how is productivity defined at RE/MAX?

“Agent productivity is where brand awareness, a focus on serving the consumer, optimized tools and support, and a value proposition that maximizes the agent’s skill level intersect,” says Adam Contos, CEO of RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. “For RE/MAX agents, these are strengths layered upon strengths as evidenced by the incredible industry survey results showing they lead by 2-to-1.”

RE/MAX, which has nearly 140,000 agents across more than 110 countries and territories, offers support and services that help agents excel and, in turn, helps buyers and sellers achieve their homeownership goals.”

If you’re ready to make your move, contact one of our RE/MAX Advantage Realty Tryon/Polk agents today. “Who wouldn’t want an outstanding RE/MAX real estate agent in their corner for one of the biggest financial decisions a person could make in their lifetime?”

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