Fall Home Buying Advantages

According to RE/MAX Above magazine, buying a home in the fall of the year has three advantages.

First, there is less competition, meaning a smaller chance of being outbid since there are fewer buyers looking than in the busy spring and summer months. Even though the market has improved since the 2007 downturn, it’s still a buyer’s market in our NC Foothills and Upstate SC.

Second, at this time of year, you’ll possibly find more motivated sellers, meaning they’re willing to negotiate prices more readily and possibly make more concessions to get to closing than during more competitive months of the year.

Finally, moving prices can be less expensive too since typically there is less demand for moving services during Fall and Winter months and so movers, trucks and other services have greater scheduling flexibility and thus are able to charge lower fees than during the hectic summer months.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course, yet why wait? Consider buying your dream home today! Give us–RE/MAX Advantage Realty Tryon/Polk–a call right away, we’d be happy to help.