#1 in Customer Satisfaction

Dear Bonnie,

Bridget and I want to thank you for the very professional job you rendered in the sale of our home. There were many challenges ahead when we first met to discuss listing the home with your company. Getting the home prepared for showing was the first hurdle but your advice and guidance about what was and wasn’t important was most helpful. Your experience really paid off on this step of the process. This included the barn, guest house and main house interiors as well as the landscaping helpful hints.

Setting the right price was the most difficult and important decision and once again your experience with this market proved to be correct. The home was priced just right which made it attractive to potential buyers and met our financial goal.

Once we had the place ready and you did the walk through making some final adjustments we were confident that it was ready to list. The professional photo’s were great and really brought out the features in each room of the home but gave the feel that we have enjoyed all these years.

We understand the value of marketing since this was such an integral part of our business in Chicago. Your marketing exceeded our expectations but we feel the best part of your marketing was you. Your love of horses and your involvement in the horse community has allowed you to meet people on a regular basis and guide potential clients who you feel would be a good fit for our home.

You develop sincere relationships with people and this genuine feeling and concern is what separates you from the other realtors in our area. You’re not just trying to sell real estate but making sure the buyer is the right fit and will be happy in their new home.

Bonnie, your positive attitude throughout this entire process has been so helpful even with all of the new banking requirements and other interesting obstacles that needed resolved.

Thanks again for a job well done. We couldn’t be happier and we look forward to working with you again in the very near future.


Cary and Bridget Davenport