3 Reasons to Sell with a RE/MAX Advantage Realty Agent

While there are a number of reasons to do so, there are three primary reasons that come to mind.

First, our agents can effectively market your home. Why allow your home to linger on the market, when our agents have the necessary resources to reach a large pool of buyers. At RE/MAX, we have a global referral tool and access to online advertising that helps locate buyers not only locally but also around the world. RE/MAX has a referral network of 125,000 agents worldwide.

Second, our agents have a good command of the intricacies of local laws and regulations. Buying and selling real estate is complex, especially in today’s market. Contracts that were once one or two pages are now 10 to 14 pages. Missed steps can quickly become a nightmare for buyers and sellers working alone or with inexperienced agents.

Third, our agents are expert negotiators, because they’ve been at it longer than most. They are consistently top-producing agents, so their negotiating skills are second to none. Our agents help protect their clients’ best interests by negotiating such things as requested repairs and closing costs. So why go it alone, when you can have experts by your side from start to finish? Give us a call today.