2016 Spring Series – Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC)

In April, according to the Equestrian Center’s newsletter, dated February 3, 2016, TIEC welcomes back its “equestrian competitors.” Based on the success of last year’s competitions, this year’s should prove to be the same. Mark Bellissimo, “managing partner of the Tryon Equestrian Partners,” recently had this to say: “The response we received from riders, spectators, and the local community throughout last season was tremendous and we remain motivated to making this venue one of the leading equestrian destinations in the world. We are eager to continue expanding the reach of this facility, while offering opportunities and access for equestrian enthusiasts of all disciplines.” Tryon’s Spring Series will run from April 8 to June 12. Specific dates for the Series can be found on the Equestrian Center’s website, www.Tryon.com. (picture courtesy of prweb.com)